Connecting seniors and families to personalized cognitive care

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We believe every family member deserves the peace of mind that comes with a better understanding of their elderly parents mental health and happiness

AI-Powered Cognitive Care


We provide a home health appliance + mobile app designed to stimulate, engage through personalized memory health care

Collect & Curate

We help you produce, direct and star in mini-movies designed to spark long-term memory recall. Imagine creating a highly personalized TV station of your family's life!  Personalize with music, photos, videos and even genealogy data

Share & Care

So much better than TV. What a cool way to connect remotely with those you love.  Teleconnect, reminisce remotely and even engage in family therapy with our professionally trained Memory Health Coaches.  

Measure & Analyze

We apply Artificial Emotional Intelligence in our analysis so that we can assess what makes people happy. We want more happy people! Privacy assured. Read our policy here.

Report & Recommend

We will help your loved ones stay happy and engaged.  With alerts, recommendations and reporting we guide users based on positive responses.  Be connected and confident.



A Purpose-built Home Health Appliance


Providing easy access to care - stimulating, engaging and therapeutic for the whole family


  • Help your loved one stay connected to their memories 

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Stay connected: Receive proactive and consistent care notifications

  • Keep people happy

  • Stay connected across long-distances

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Personalized family-based care, supercharged by Technology


Easy access to care - stimulating, engaging and therapeutic for the whole family


We bring together families and care-providers to drive happiness and engagement when you need it.  

Digital Platform

Our memory health appliance is purpose-built to connect seniors and families to personalized cognitive care

How Telememory Care Works

On demand 24/7

Our platform offers both family-based and Memory Health Coaches 24 / 7.  Get access to care at anytime.  Night or day.  Guided sessions to help you address your care needs.    

Wholistic memory health

We serve people and their families with cognitive health issues.  Cognitive impairment is hard for everyone.  Our wholistic approach provides the right tools for the entire family

Connect from anywhere

Our platform enables families to drop in from anywhere with an easy-to-use mobile app.  Connect across long-distance and gain peace of mind with our remote monitoring solutions,


Our Company



Eliot Arnold, CEO

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Specialist in Healthcare Analytics, Decision Support, Human : Machine interactions, Marketing and Business Development. 


Martin Bukowski, CTO

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Advanced technologist with deep-domain expertise in Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Programming and Systems Engineering

Advisory Board


Stephen Pearse

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Venture Capitalist, Former CTO Sprint

Mutiple exits


George Grossberg, MD

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Formost expert in Geriatric Psychiatry 


Mike Harp

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Brand Partnerships, GoPuff

Former CPG Director @ Facebook


Jason Aytes

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Seasoned Corporate Development executive.  Investor and Advisor